What is the BE BOLD Program?

BE BOLD is a new approach to afterschool education developed by the Misty Copeland Foundation.  The title translates into its dual purposes: Ballet Explorations. Ballet Offers Leadership Development.  The BE BOLD model features five linked components:  Introductory Ballet, Health & Wellness, Music for Ballet, Mentoring, and Tutoring. BE BOLD serves girls and boys, ages 5-12.

How is BE BOLD different from other afterschool ballet programs?

BE BOLD is designed to make introductory ballet accessible, affordable, and fun.  BE BOLD also places introductory ballet within the context of a comprehensive child development model.  This innovative afterschool program model was created in consultation with diverse leaders from ballet, dance education, DEI training, and child development.

Where is the BE BOLD Program held?

BE BOLD is offered in community-based, child-serving sites.  The Misty Copeland Foundation identifies potential community partners based on their ability to provide a safe and welcoming physical setting; easy access to mentoring and tutoring; and strong program administration.  

When is the BE BOLD Program held?

BE BOLD is offered as a twice-weekly afterschool program over twelve weeks.  The entire BE BOLD program sequence is designed as a twenty-four-week, two-semester course over the school year.  A summer BE BOLD program is also offered.

What are the requirements for a selected BE BOLD community-based site?

The BE BOLD community sites will be expected to provide the suitable studio space, a designated program leader/liaison, a registration coordinator, mentoring and tutoring, and other specific BE BOLD program requirements identified during the site application, e.g., presence of a suitable piano or keyboard.  

What support does the Misty Copeland Foundation provide for the BE BOLD program?

The Misty Copeland Foundation (MCF) recruits, trains, and places the BE BOLD teaching artists. The BE BOLD Program Director supports the teaching artists through training, workshops, and evaluations. Office hours are also provided. MCF supplies BE BOLD attire and books for participating students.    

Who serves as the BE BOLD instructors?

BE BOLD teaching artists will be nominated and selected through an application process.  They may be current or former dancers, accomplished musicians, or other related professions. Teaching artists participate in comprehensive multi-day teacher training workshops twice yearly and receive ongoing support and mentorship.